Welcome! I'm hoping the worst will soon be behind us and I'm looking forward to getting out, playing and enjoying live music again.

My next show is back at NeWorlDeli, Friday, October 1 at 7pm. Great listening room, fabulous food and the nicest people.

UTLEY3, the power pop trio I'm in with Steve Chapman and Shannon Rierson, are back in the studio at the end of this month working with Ron Flynt on our new album. For real. 

While I've been very fortunate and able to stay busy during the pandemic, others haven't fared as well. If you have it in your heart and in your wallet, please consider donating to the Central Texas Food Bank. Flak Records has hosted annual fundraisers for them for over a decade, and due to the pandemic had to forego the event this past December. Again, if you are able please help, www.centraltexasfoodbank.org. 

The store on this site is open for business! T-shirts and CD's are available for purchase- it's not too early to get that holiday shopping done. All purchases are secure via Stripe.

Flakrecords.biz is open 24/7 and is ready to ship great vinyl and merch from the Rite Flyers, Mike McCoy, Dunebuggy, Larry Seaman and UTLEY3, among others. Treat yourself to some fresh 180gram vinyl and a new t-shirt.

Keep your distance, ghet the vaccine, and wash your hands. Thank you for supporting independent artists like me.