The virus has the world by the tail right now, and I'm itching to be in front of an audience again. I've been trying out some new material on my dog, but he's biased, and also old and mostly deaf. Not the best judge, I feel. I hope you're catching some of the livestreams folks are doing. Keep supporting the scene if you can- some of the clubs are doing go fund me pages to help out folks who were suddenly without work. This, on the heels of losing SXSW that for a lot of people it's when they make bank. Stay safe, wash your hands and keep your distance. 

With everything at a standstill there was a delay in one of my t-shirt orders but as soon as it comes in I'll be setting up an online store so you can pick up on of the cool t's designed by alejandro b.

The next record has taken it's baby steps forward at Ameripolitan Studios with Cris Burns. "The Tree Remembers" is now available on iTunes and can be purchased here: iTunes


"Cordless" is locally available at Antone's Record Shop, 2928 Guadalupe St, Austin or on the web at

CD is also available here:

It's available for digital download at the usual places:

iTunes: iTunes



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NEW cool stuff-

 "The Tree Remembers" was released as a single February  7th- add it to your Spotify playlist!


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